Situated at the prominent corner of Hayden Avenue and National Boulevard, the structure functions as an entrance ‘Gateway’, announcing the arrival of visitors to the ongoing Conjunctive Points development. With the MTA Exposition light rail line along National Boulevard, the structure also serves to announce the arrival into Culver City from the larger Los Angeles Metropolitan Area.

The project envisions a light tower, 72’ in height, and approximately 30’ in diameter. The form of the tower is composed as a series of conical screen segments, each measuring 10’-6” in height, stretched between a cantilevered steel ring beam armature. Each conical segment is unique, and is directed toward a particular vantage point in the surrounding neighborhood. An array of projectors at each level allows still images and video to be displayed across the surface of the tower. Rather than display commercial advertising, the tower serves as a venue for the display and promotion of art. The tower has five floors at 12’ intervals, each serviced by one exterior stair, and one glass enclosed elevator. The base of the tower is excavated to provide a landscaped amphitheater.

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