Better Block KC 2014 Exhibition

TransformKC participated in Better Block KC for its fifth exhibition for one day only on Saturday, October 18, 2104 at the intersection of Broadway and 40th Terrace in the historic Westport area. Fitting that the transformKC exhibition moved from the National Frontier Trails Museum, to an area that during America’s Western expansion was the final supply stop in the region for the California, Santa Fe and Oregon trails. We are trailblazers for transit!

All of the submissions within the exhibition are meant to inspire and elevate the public discourse around the transformative power of smart, sustainable transportation investments. With the exposure and events over the multi-year traveling exhibit, many of the ideas presented represent an opportunity to change the public’s perception of the future of the City and show the benefits of public transit.

The exhibition at Better Block KC is the culmination of TransformKC’s International Call for Ideas that gathered some of the greatest urban design and transit projects from around the world. TransformKC intends to inspire the public imagination about regional mobility by showcasing built and unbuilt work that links rail-based transit to the design of our cities.

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