BNIM, in collaboration with Crandall Arambula, developed a revitalized vision for Grand Boulevard in Kansas City, Missouri that will tie the River Market, Downtown and Crown Center districts together though one “grand” project that will serve as an icon for the city. The team’s conceptual design for the plan creates a sustainable “complete street” that will improve vehicular, pedestrian, bicycle, and multi-modal transportation, increase economic viability, efficiently manage stormwater and runoff, find “green” solutions and create inviting places for pedestrians.

The concept of a “livable” neighborhood for this project will be achieved with a healthy commercial corridor, strong neighborhoods and sidewalk activity, economic vitality and a framework for urban development. The completed streetscape plan and subsequent future phases will attract new residents and businesses to the area and reinforce the City’s commitment to complete, sustainable and walkable streets.
Kansas City, Missouri

BNIM – Grand Boulevard Streetscape – Full PDF