100 Ways To Improve The NYC Subway is a 100 Days project initiated by Randy Gregory II for his Masters in Branding at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, New York. The original purpose of the 100 Days project, originally developed by Michael Beirut of Pentagram, is to be able to accomplish the task of doing the same thing every day for 100 days, while keeping it engaging & worthy of discussion from a greater audience. Furthermore, the project is meant to establish the designer as a strategic, innovative thinker, capable of creating work that can really move minds. When considering ideas for the project, Randy leveraged his background as a user experience designer by observing the various issues that he noticed happening in the subway, and started to think of solutions for them, ranging from the accessible to the entertaining.

Randy Gregory II is a designer, strategist, and innovator in New York City, graduating at the end of July with his MPS in Branding from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. With a background in graphic design & user experience, Randy approaches problems with a “user first” ideology, always putting the audience/client above himself, considering functionality over decoration. He enjoys working on projects that improve the lives of users, clients, and the brands they love. When he’s not criticizing restaurant menu fonts or explaining the deep emotional connections that we associate with brands, he’s brewing beer, taking photos, or looking for the next great dumpling.