As part of a design competition for the redevelopment of the Edmonton City Centre Airport (ECCA), Align Collaborative’s conceptual master plan transformed the Airport Lands into a sustainable and nurturing environment while memorializing its history. By creating healthy, lively, thriving communities, the BNIM-led team’s design would make Edmonton a leader in 21st century city living and a model for all of North America.

The conceptual master plan was driven by four design principles:
Making the Invisible Visible – The invisible topography of the airport’s flight paths are reinterpreted through the built form to become an iconic reminder of this site’s rich history.

The development of the ECCA lands presents an opportunity not just for vibrant new neighborhoods, but also for the restoration and reclamation of rich ecosystems and habitat within the city. In a larger context, the site has the potential to become a core area in Edmonton’s ecological network, providing a critical link to the river and regional habitat via ecological stepping-stones and corridors in the city.



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