BNIM worked with the U.S. EPA to develop an environmentally and economically sustainable plan for the Millbottom area of Jefferson City, MO for EPA’s Greening America’s Capitals program.

The plan for the city proposes the cleanup and restoration of Wears Creek, connects services and amenities to the riverfront via trails, adds parks and gathering spaces, identifies adjacent sites for adaptive reuse of existing buildings, and proposes street and parking improvements. Together, these improvements will not only improve the environmental performance of the creek and adjacent areas, but will also restore the waterway as a centerpiece of Jefferson City’s community life and economic growth.

The revitalization of the Millbottom area could be a model for many American cities that are struggling with similar issues of rainwater management, natural resource restoration, encouragement of walking and bicycling, perceived safety, and opportunities for small businesses. Jefferson City’s vision connects all of these issues in a way that will simultaneously restore Wears Creek, reinvent the area, and use the floodplain to protect environmental resources.

BNIM – Greening Americas Capitals – Full PDF


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